Tips for international moves into Shanghai

Several tips related to international moves into Shanghai:

  1. The movers may be overeager in what they include.  Many people have told us tales of movers packing their trash bins, complete with trash, right into their shipment.  If you don’t have things clearly labeled, it’s quite possible that something will be packed accidentally.  You should be present during packing so that only the right things get moved.
  2. Zero food is allowed.  In addition to the obvious things (e.g. beef, fruit, live lobster), Shanghai prohibits pretty much anything that counts as food.  Canned goods, baby formula, and even spices aren’t allowed.
  3. Customs can take a long time.  Sea shipments can take 6-8 weeks to arrive and clear customs.  Even air shipments can take 4-8 weeks (yes, weeks, not days).  In our case, the air and sea shipments are forecasted to pretty much arrive and clear customs at the same time, begging the question of why air shipments exist at all.
  4. Writeable media invites customs delays.  In a twist of irony, China’s customs inspectors are particularly sensitive to the transport of writeable computer media (e.g. writeable DVDs and CDs).  Having these disks, even if they’re blank, will incrcease the chances of your shipment being delayed in customs.  So leave the stack of 100 CD-R’s behind.  They’ll probably be tempted to look through every last one of them.

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  1. Peter says:

    I know this topic is outdated, but seeing how it might turn up in searches let me add a bonus to number 3: By having your goods flown into some outback city, like say (all being relative) Nanjing, your goods will clear much faster. Since the smaller citities are not jammed up with goods to be declared all will go much smoother and with less hassle!

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