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That’s Not My PC

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Due to a cease and desist letter from Usborne’s lawyers, I have removed this book from Amazon and from this site.  Lawyers tell me that though the parody can be defended in court, it’d likely cost on the order of $25,000 to successfully defend it.  It’s unfortunate that they’ve chosen to attack me on this, given that I’ve been a fan of their books for years, but I can’t afford to defend this right now.

I’ve left the original post as-is below, but I’ve removed the actual PDF file from this site.

— original post below —

I’ve just published my first children’s book, That’s Not My PC, now available on Amazon.  It’s a parody of a series of great children’s books published by Usborne that started with That’s Not My Puppy.  The series’ format is simple:  in each page, the narrator highlights one characteristic of the object on the page which identifies it as someone else’s.  (“That’s not my PC… its keyboard is too gritty.”)

That's Not My PC -frontcover That's Not My PC -backcover

That’s Not My PC is a parody of this series meant for the Internet generation.  It even contains 14 bonus pages of games and puzzles!

You can view the full book as a PDF here [edited and removed due to lawyers].

Please spread the word! It makes a great gift and is an excellent conversation piece.